2012 Motorcycle Run Photos

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Defenders and Arresting Souls Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs. Riders arrive at Gengras. The Gengras lot starts to fill up.
Illinois State Police Vintage Cruiser. East Hartford Police Motor. Nice Paint Job.
The Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. Shamrocks Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. Riders watch West Hartford Police Lieutenant Kevin McCarthy sing our National Anthem.
Police motors lead the way up Thomas Street. Riders make their way up Thomas Street. The vintage cruisers make their way up Thomas Street.
The Gengras lot filled up once again. Riders enjoy an awesome lunch from Outback, Newington. Vintage NYPD cruiser.
Miami's finest ready to roll. Ex-Fuzz. Nice bike.
Police motos lined up on Governor Street. That can't be comfortable. Blue Bloods Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.
Law Dogs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. West Hartford Lieutenant Kevin McCarthy belts out our National Anthem. The vintage cruisers are ready to go.
Hooligan. Some of our volunteers. Thank you! ETX blasted out another great set!
The Road Dawgs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The kids helped out with the raffle again. The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.

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